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7 Powers You Need To Be Successful In Networking

Being successful in network marketing recruiting, especially online recruiting takes courage. Here are some ways to find it inside you…

  1. Power over self-doubts, the single biggest obstacle in reaching the dream of your soul (your purpose and bliss) is your harsh view of yourself. Unless you confront your harsh judgments you will begin to believe them.
  2. Power over how you deal with frustration.  What we repeatedly tell ourselves we ultimately believe.
  3. Power to deal with your fears.   F.E.A.R. False Evidence Appearing Real.
  4. Power to deal with rejection in other words internal-reality vs. external-reality. Why are you being rejected?
  5. Power to deal with the dream-stealers.  Remember: Every loud critic was once a brave dreamer.
  6. Power to accept your defeats and failures as part of your intended path.
  7. Power to put yourself on the line to do what is necessary to achieve greatness. Self-control is subordinating our impulses and desires to our values. Tapping into your authentic self-verses the false self (egoic mind).

Courage is the about leaping off and growing your wings on the way down!



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Be blessed and be encouraged,


Dr. Benny

5 Simple Steps To Writing An Irresistible Offer

Here Are The Steps …

 irrisistable offer 2


Make Your Headline Irresistible

The top priority of your headline is to engage the reader and grab their attention right away, and then move them to the next step. Your headline is a stop sign, not a buy sign, keep it exciting but don’t over exaggerate make it believable.

Be sure after you grab their attention; give them value to build trust which should pique their interest.

Properly written ad copy will trigger reciprocation. This means that if you give them something first, they should feel compelled to give you something back. What we are looking to accomplish is get their time and attention so you can move them to step two.


Identify Their "Urgent Problem"

Now it is time to turn up the pain. Rip the scab off. I know it sounds gross but I am making a point. Not only rip it off but poke it and get them to associate pain to it. This is how you are going to stir emotion and get to their motivation and the desire to take action. People make buying decisions based on pain and justify with logic. That is a well proven fact.

Align with them and get on their side. This is done through empathy. Let them know you understand or have been where they are before. Offer comfort for past failures and encouragement for their future.


Offer A Solution To Their Problem With A "Unique Promise"

Now you have to deliver! If you cannot deliver on the promise, no ad copy is going to work. In other words, what if their unique problem was solved once and for all? (money, time, freedom, lack of security, etc.)

Tell them how you or your offer will solve their problem, but don't drown them in features and details at this point. Instead show them benefits and results.


Offer Them Proof You Can Solve their Problem With Documentation Or Testimonies

This is called “Social Proof” I have always heard documentation beats conversation and also facts tell and stories sell. You can also show them company or product history, results and trends. Just remember real life stories stir emotion and get people thinking, “Me too” I have been there or I can do this too!If you can make your prospect truly see themselves working with your team, using your product or both, you’ve got them!


Cause Your Offer To Be Impossible To Turn Down With A “User Friendly Proposition”

Challenge them with an action. Time sensitive deadlines to join or buy are highly effective. Fear of loss or missing out is a powerful motivator. Keep that it mind in your copywriting.

One of the things I learned from working with Tony Robbins for 2 years that people will do more to avoid pain than they will to gain pleasure. I saw it happen over and over. Play to the emotions of the pain more than the logic and facts and you will stack the odds in your favor!


Good luck!

Dr. Benny

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Social Media Training – The Answer To Unlimited Free Leads

Network Marketing has changed so much in the last decade.

The traditional old school marketing techniques just don’t work like they used to. Don’t get me wrong, face to face meetings, home parties and hotel meetings are awesome tools and they always will be. They are fun and exciting. All new and existing network marketers are encouraged to use these tools, and they should. These concepts built the industry.

Times have changed. It is time to ask yourself, “Am I going to change with the times and prosper or am I going to let changing times shut me down and cost me business growth?”

A recent #Success Magazine article stated that 10 years ago the average person who joined an MLM stayed with the company 13 months. Today the average person stays with a company 38 days. This is not encouraging news. However, now you can understand why it is happening and I will share with you how to keep it from happening to you personally and the people who join your team.

One of the main reasons is the network marketing industry is moving fast. There are so many companies popping up and going out that it is impossible to keep up with it even if you are a seasoned veteran.

When a new person tries to navigate these waters and it can be challenging. It is easy to choose the wrong company, wrong upline or just become dazed and confused. This is an obvious reason why so many people give up early.

The offers and promise of riches fast are convincing and tempting. Some of the marketing videos are brilliantly done by great marketers. Many are great offers, but many lead you down the “rabbit hole” like Alice in Wonderland.

Do you believe in leverage? Would you like to stack the odds in your favor? Would you like to get a real edge in your business whether you are brand new or just trying to get unstuck?

Here are my words of wisdom today: The marketplace rewards value!

How much value are you bringing to the marketplace in building your business? Network Marketing is a real business. If you take it seriously, it will reward you accordingly. If you treat it like a hobby, I predict you will have some fun, but you won’t make very much money.

So what is the answer to the blaring need for more leads problem?  Learn how to build your business on and through social media! It is the wave of today and of the future! The fastest growing segment of the industry right now is the under 35 age group. These people grew up on Facebook and they are comfortable with it and all the other social media platforms are easy for them to learn and adopt. They are not scared to learn and expand.

If you are ready to stop doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result (Definition of insanity stated by psychologist Rollo May), then check out this link and you could be on your way tomorrow to a whole new level of confidence, courage and results with your network marketing business.

Tired of being stuck, sabotaging yourself?

If you are repeating the same mistakes over and over in your business, finances or relationships it is not a coincidence. So what causes you to repeat mistakes? Why is this inertia pulling you repeatedly into places you hate being?

It is because it is happening subconsciously.  You have programmed your subconscious mind (better known as your soul) that you should be experiencing this pain. Little decisions you make daily that seem minor add up to an avalanche of momentum that keeps you on what we call in psychology an “endless loop” of pain and destruction if you are not careful.

So how do you stop it? I teach 3 steps in my book the “Valeo Method

  1. Self-Acceptance   Understand that you are unique and special and God needed something done and he created you because he knew no one could get this job done better than you!
  2. Self-Awareness   Accept that everything happens for a reason and a purpose and it serves you. Learn to ask, “What is great about this situation?”  “What is the lesson here?”  “What is the blessing here?”
  3. Self-Analysis   Ask yourself what is great about me? What am I good at? What do people tell you that they like about you? What is it that really gives you the “juice of life” What would you do all day long even if you did not get paid if you could? These are clues to your purpose and your bliss.
Something in your past probably at a very young age caused you to get on a track that is not taking you where you want to go. Stay tuned more blog post coming on this subject.






Are MLM leads really worth the investment?

Should you buy MLM leads?

What does it take to make them work?

I have bought several million leads over the years from many different sources. I have done direct mail, newspaper advertising, card mailers, bought genealogy lists, Biz-opp magazine front and full page ads, Craig List ads and the ist goes on. Most of that was prior to recent years when I bought leads from Facebook advertising, solo ads, and a long list of online sources.

Was it worth it? Well I have been a top three recruiter in four different MLM companies over the past 20+ years. My organizations have numbered in the tens of thousands.

Did I get some dud leads, did I get ripped off, yes for sure. I found out real quick about testing leads and investigating the source and talking to satisfied customers before I bought. I became an expert at due diligence, research and testing. I discovered there are some great sales pitches about leads and the product behind most could not deliver. Many of them were old, over sold, many bad phone numbers and email addresses and were not worth the trouble to contact. Once they were bought, I owned them.

One thing for sure is you can get rid of a pile of cash and get nowhere fast buying leads if you don’t know what you are doing.

Here is the biggest challenge with buying leads and I learned it fast. If you aren’t hungry enough for success that you are willing to pick up the phone and grind through the numbers you will fail, period.

I work with lots of newbies to the MLM and the Make Money Online niches. Most of them don’t want to talk to family and friends and they would prefer to not talk to anyone and just hide behind the computer and sign people up and build a huge business with thousands of customers and associates without ever speaking to them. I have to tell them, good luck, I can teach you the right way now or come back to me later when you have wasted a lot of time energy and capital and we can start then. To be successful you have to build relationships and talk to prospects. Even if you sign them up online, no relationship they we will be on to next better sales pitch soon.

So again is it worth it to buy leads? Here is an example and you decide, I met one person from a newspaper ad that joined my team and he went on to earn me over $10,000 per month for years. That was before Craig’s List destroyed the classified ad source for leads, but you can buy ads on Craig’s List today instead of newspaper, I think you get the point. He wasn’t’ the only one either. I spent a lot of money that year on advertising in the USA Today. I was recruiting about 8 to 20 people per month from ads. Most of the new recruits did not do much, but adding it all up it was a huge success. Was it worth it? Absolutely! Would you spend $3,000 in one year for leads to get one person who could earn you $10,000 per month, month after month? Of course you would.

Here is the secret sauce to making any advertising or lead purchase program work. You have to be willing to talk to the people! You have to engage them. You have to connect with them and make them your friends and then follow up, sometimes over and over and over for months. Some of my best ever recruits took me two to three years to get.

You might say, “I can’t wait that long I need income now!” Don’t worry it is all about consistency of contacts and you will start signing up people and building a team if you are making the contacts. Over the years I have taught so many people how to get leads and they fail at converting them. Why? It is not because the leads were garbage. It was because they did not get called or if they did get called there was poor follow up.

I wish you the best and be encouraged. There are people out there that are not any smarter or better looking than you are that are making a fortune and living there dreams in MLM and Make Money Online (MMO) and you can too.

If you are interested in finding out more about how I use leads online and offline to build and MLM business please reach out to me at and I will give you some valuable ideas.






Dr. Benny

Who is in control? Your “false self” or your “real self?”

Our "Egoic Mind or "False Self" is a very real part of our persona.

The false self uses the tools of words to keep the illusions alive and keep us out of control, in fear, in worry, in doubt and all the many controlling emotions that limit us.
A big step in breaking free from our humanness (the domain of the false self) to  true awareness (our natural God given power source) , and then moving on to aliveness  the domain of a whole and integrated person is by mastering our words and languaging. In my book the Valeo Method I teach a concept I call “Transitional Language” which allows you to take charge of you internal dialogue which radically influences you external ability to communicate and influence effectively. This allows you to experience a vertical learning curve in effect leadership.
The Valeo Method is all about finding what I call the "Dream of the soul" your calling, your purpose, your destiny. I pray that every one of you all find yours and never give up until you do!
Be blessed and be encouraged!
Dr Benny Morris
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Self-Help Equals Self-Analysis …Can the Valeo Method Help You Be Your Best?

Only you can fix you, but the Valeo Method can show you how to help yourself!

The challenge is most people are in a daze and living unconsciously. What if the Valeo Method could teach you how to snap out of it?

Most people are taking the express lane of life and missing the message life is trying to tell them. If you are making the same mistakes in your finances, business decisions, relationships and taking care of your body, guess what? There is a reason for it. It is not ever going to stop or change until you understand why first and then how to fix it. That is why I created the Valeo Method and one of the main reasons it has helped thousands already. Are you sick and tired of being stuck, in a rut, and sabotaging yourself? If the answers is yes, I want to help and I have a lot of help for free on my site and you can just go to my Valeo Method You Tube channel.

We have been talking about the egoic mind or the false self and the stories we allow it to create about us. I want you to take this week and really think about your (soon to be) old story that has limited you, blocked you and robbed you of a future you deserve. Write about it in your journal. Write about the person in the story of which you identify yourself as being. It may be a page, it may be twenty. How long it is doesn’t matter. What matters is that you step out of it and look back at who you think you are and write it down.

Here is a point to ponder that is explored in the Valeo Method : That which is denied by the mind is trapped in the body.

Stories are untested, uninvestigated theories or assumptions that tell us what things mean. The problem is we don't seem to realize most of our stories are just assumptions. Remember it is the interpretation that makes are feelings so intense.

I have never experienced a stressful feeling that wasn't caused by attaching to an untrue thought or story. No one creates my story for me, I create it. The Valeo Method is a complete technology I developed and explain in a 480 page book "The Valeo Method that you can order at

Rather than understand the original cause, we try to change our stressful feelings by looking outside of ourselves. It is easy to get swept away by some overwhelming feeling so it is helpful to remember that any stressful feeling is like a compassionate messenger that says – "you are caught up in your story". Get out of it!

Depression, pain, fear, doubt and worry are gifts that say "take a look at what you are thinking right now.” You're living in a story that is not true for you. When we get caught in the dream or the illusion, we try to alter and manipulate the stressful feeling rather than deal with the thought behind it. That's why I say and teach in the Valeo Method that any negative emotion is an alarm clock that is designed to wake you up to the fact that there's a thought that you may want to investigate and get rid of. Inquiry and investigation of any thought that is untrue will always lead you back to happiness and who you really are.

If you put your hand in a fire does anyone have to tell you to move it? Do you have to decide? No! When your hand starts to burn, it moves. You don't have to direct it. The hand moves itself. In the same way, once you understand through inquiry and investigation of any thought or story that is untrue and realize it is causing you suffering, you will move away from it.

It is simple logic. Before the thought you were not suffering. With the thought you are suffering. When you recognize the thought isn't true, you will go back to not suffering and return to happiness.I encourage you learn more about the Valeo Method.

Self-inquiry is the way to end all suffering and to experience peace, even in a world of apparent chaos. Above all else, self-inquiry is about realizing that all the answers you will ever need are inside of you and are always available to you if you are willing to give up your story.

Have an amazing and blessed week, and be encouraged. If you are keeping up with me things are stirring around in your precious soul .

Contact me now if you are ready to make positive change in your thinking, emotions, body or your finances, I know I can help you!

Dr. Benny


"The Valeo Method" Can equip you with the tools and knowledge to change your life forever!

Why I am in love…with Network Marketing

I am in love with network marketing!

I have been involved for 23 years as builder of large network marketing organizations and as an industry advocate. I published my first book in 1994 titled “The Average Person’s Last Chance to Get Rich.”  The book was a tremendous success for me. The book encouraged people to unleash their entrepreneurial spirit and start a home-based network marketing business.  In the book I evangelized what I consider to be the last bastion of free enterprise, network marketing.  Almost two decades later my passion for this industry continues to grow.

Where else could an average person with above average, desire, teachability and willingness to work and few hundred dollars, start out at home and literally go from average to fortune? And it is not a pipe dream either, because I am a witness. I have made incredible earnings myself and have many friends that I have helped, worked with and known that have made fortunes and are living a rich life in all areas thanks to network marketing.

Maybe it is not for everyone. Everybody doesn’t like baseball or basketball, some like football that is what makes life so fascinating. But one thing is for sure, we all have the basic needs. People want to be make a difference, they want to give and receive love and they want to leave a legacy. In order to accomplish these things it sure helps to have money and security.

Money doesn’t bring happiness, but using it as a catalyst to create positive energy and freedom does. I find myself falling in love with my old friend “network marketing” all over again and it really excites me. I see this amazing industry that creates wealth and resources, saves struggling families with finances, and binds together people more than anything as a powerful beacon of hope in a time when there is so much confusion, stress and discouragement.

I lift up my hand to salute my old friend today and say, “Thank you for being such a powerful a part of my life and the millions of others who have attached their hopes and dreams to you.  I wish you well old friend, and I am one of your biggest fans!”

Be encouraged!

Dr. Benny Morris




Law of Attraction a Myth?

A few years ago when the movie and the book “The Secret” came out there was an explosion of interest into the “Law of Attraction.”

The authors and speakers who participated became instant icons and they rode the concept of affirming your way to greatness, fame and wealth to their own fortunes. Please don’t get me wrong here I believe intensely in affirmations, but they are only going to work if the work is done ahead to lay the foundation for the affirmations to take root.

Here is what I mean, if you are not experiencing the success you deserve in any area of life, there is a reason for it, period.  If you are stuck in a phase, a trend, or if you find yourself right back in the same financial messes or in the same kind of unfulfilling relationships, disempowering or depressed states of mind, there is a reason for it. The good news is you can find out what it is causes it and fix it!

In my book and transformational technology “The Valeo Method” I created a five step process and the first step and the most important is “Discovery.” In other words, let’s go to the root not the fruit of the problem or challenge. 

I immediately knew back when I read “The Secret” that although there was some good content, that many people, looking for the easy way to their dreams and fantasies were going to be very disappointed.  That is exactly what happened. In fact three of the authors have come out with the statement in recent years that the book, although a commercial phenom was not the “whole story.” In fact one author was bold enough to post a public apology on his website and introduce a program to fill in the gaps of what he inadvertently (oops) left out of his “Secret” chapter. Unfortunately the over promotion and monetization of the law of attraction left a lot of people discouraged and worse off than before.

Now the Law of Attraction has gone on to be capitalized on by “Law of Attraction coaches.” I actually saw a company that offered a four session online coaching program that after four thirty minute “coach the coach” training sessions and $169 fee you would be a Certified Law of Attraction Coach.

So here is my point, I hate to see people get disappointed. There is a real universal Law of Attraction! It can be proven and documented through quantum physics and spiritual studies, both natural and super natural. I have studied it passionately and in depth for years. It is amazing, powerful and it can change lives. I am not writing this article to put down the Law of Attraction but to stand up for the real deal! I am not writing this article to discourage the law of attraction, but to promote it as what it truly is. I suggest that before we declare ourselves as attraction coaches or marketers let’s know what we are talking about and give justice to the truth and power of this amazing divinely powered blessing not only awaiting us but seeking us.

Bottom line is this; we need to work hard on ourselves every day.  The personal and spiritual growth comes before the fortune. Let us continue to work to discovery our weaknesses and short falls and conquer them, and get rid of the limiting beliefs, toxic thoughts and emotional baggage that keep us shackled to the prison of a distracted mind. We can’t declare we are attraction marketers, coaches or leaders until we become attractive in the presence and aura that precedes us by standing in our purpose and shining in our gifts. Live your dreams, God bless you and be encouraged!

I welcome your comments and feedback about the Law of Attraction.

Numis Network



Why Do So Many People Have Low Self-Esteem?

Did you know that recent studies show two out of three people in our society today have poor self-esteem?

Look to the right, look to the left, only one of you is okay! Why is this happening? In this great society, the land of opportunity how could so many folks be sad, depressed confused and discouraged. I know it is true because I work with people every day business coaching, performance coaching and weight management coaching. I have worked with over 400 people in the last five years on a one on one basis, not counting those who have attended my seminars. A lot of folks are looking for answers, looking for a break, looking for a lift up and encouragement!

One thing I have discovered is lots of folks are sick of not getting their share. They are tired of struggling, and getting by on less. Let’s face it, there are about 80 million of us baby boomers out there and a whole bunch are not even close to living the dreams we conjured up for ourselves in our twenties and thirties. In fact most people would have been flat out sick, if back in those days they could look ahead to now and see where they have arrived in all areas of life! It’s not okay but what’s gone is gone.

Another study that just came out shows that the average person in their fifties has $29,000 in savings, and which would amount to about $191 per month at retirement. It also showed that 2 of 3 people in their fifties plan on continuing to work after retirement age. I want to work after retirement because I love what I do, not because I can’t eat if I don’t. I am out to help people get their hope back, get the courage back, and heck why not just get a burning passion about life again! What a concept. I believe every one of us was born to be great, and I am challenging you not to die till you are, dad gum it!

Okay, so let’s talk about some good stuff. Things can change, and they can change fast. But it can’t happen if we keep doing the same old thing over and over.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. What am I thinking? Are you thoughts empowering, disempowering, optimistic or toxic?
  2. What am I feeling? In other words what are your emotions telling me?
  3. What am I hearing? Are those around me encouraging me or pulling me down?
  4. What am I sensing? What are my gut feelings and my intuition telling me?

Before we can go on a journey we have to know where we are starting from. MapQuest won’t give you directions without two addresses.

One of the keys to success I teach my clients is “self-analysis.” It is not easy to do, so most people don’t and they wander through life making excuses. Ask yourself these questions and do some pondering this week and I will have some more things to get you thinking along this path of increase in my next post.

I hope you enjoy this post, I would love to hear comments. Oh and by the way, could you pass this own to some family or friends who need a lift. The best way to get what you want is to help enough others get what they want as Zig Ziglar said.

Live Victoriously!